Aloe Vera makes your mouth a happier place! Find out why...

Aloe Vera makes your mouth a happier place! Find out why...

Aloe Vera is one of natures most incredible gifts!

This all powerful plant contains over 200 vitamins, enzymes and minerals, and is used in remedies across the spectrum of healthcare! Used by humans for thousands of years, it's been harnessed for health and wellness, and luckily for you, is a key feature in a number of the products we stock!

Here are a number of benefits:

1. Aloe Vera is an amazing natural anti- bacterial substance, which tackles all sorts of germs! Used as a disinfectant, think how amazing it is as an ingredient in your oral products, and most importantly, for your immune system! As your mouth is the gateway to your body, it's a fantastic ingredient to help protect your body.

2. Do you have sensitive teeth and gums? Aloe naturally deals with inflammation.

3. Aloe Vera packed full of vitamins like A, C, E and B6.

4. Aloe Vera contains magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, sodium, iron and calcium!

5. Aloe contains loads of amino acids, some of which are essential for the body as the building blocks of protein.

6. Aloe gels, which now feature in foods, supplements and drinks, are great for a detox!

Check out our amazing Oral Foam, perfect for a clean, fresh mouth on the go. Guess what, one of its core ingredients is....Aloe Vera!


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