Chilli spices up your life and your mouth!

Chilli spices up your life and your mouth!

Chilli can be tasty, spicy, zingy, zesty and more. From heat in a sauce to garnishing your favourite dish, this fire filled vegetable is the cornerstone of some of the world's most popular dishes. However, did you know it also has some incredible health benefits?!

1. Chilli pepper extract maintains the health of your oral cavity tissues, improves blood circulation and penetration of nutrients into gums, which improves elasticity and density.

2. Capsaicin, a substance of chilli pepper, contains powerful stimulating effects on the immune system, prevents development of oral cavity infectious diseases and promotes wound healing. It also is an effective ingredient when dealing with pain relief.

3. Chilies are packed full of minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium, all which have amazing health benefits. 

4. Chillies are a powerful source of Vitamin C.

5. Chillies aren't just spicy, they also boost blood circulation and help to thin the blood which can help protect against strokes. 

Try our Splat Chilli Pack to get the benefit of chilli extract, in combination with organic oral foam and a powerful yet gentle natural mouthwash for total oral care.

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