Benefits of Coconut Oil and healthy teeth!

Benefits of Coconut Oil and healthy teeth!

Coconut Oil is one of natures most resourceful gifts! From pearly white teeth to silky smooth hair, supple and moist skin to a healthy heart, Coconuts and their oil are a one-stop-shop of goodness. Read all about its benefits below!


1. Coconut oil helps the body absorb calcium, a vital component of healthy teeth! It contains lots of Lauric Acid, which helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath, as well as giving your teeth that pearly glow!

2. Coconut oil is fabulous for the skin, rich in essential ingredients that sooth and moisturise dry, hard and flaky skin.

3. Lauric acid, a key component of Coconut Oil, is great for the heart, and research suggests it’s great for combating high blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. Coconut Oil contains lots of healthy fats and acids like Lauric Acid and Caprylic acid, which help your body to fight bacteria and viruses!

5. Healthy bones! Coconut Oil helps absorb minerals like Magnesium and Calcium, helping your body remain strong and healthy.

With so many benefits, it’s hard not to love Coconut Oil! Why not try our Vegan friendly natural teeth whitening pens! The essential ingredient….you guessed it!


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