Do your children hate mint flavoured toothpaste?

Do your children hate mint flavoured toothpaste?

Does your child hate mint toothpaste, struggle with brushing and dislike all things dental?

Brushing your teeth can be fun, tasty and healthy!

Chocolate, Peach, Strawberry or Cherry, our kids products will help you teach your children about the benefits of brushing, without the fuss and tantrum associated with nasty tasting toothpaste. Our products are natural, healthy, and most importantly tasty, giving your kids the best possible chance to improve their oral health willingly. They taste so good they may even want to swallow the toothpaste! But that's ok, all our kids toothpastes are safe to swallow.

The Magic Foam we offer is a fantastic way to ensure that kids are looking after their teeth properly, with minimal amounts of flouride. The foam gets to those areas brushing doesn't, and introduces them to the concept of mouthwash, but with fun, tasty and easy to use foam instead!

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