Travel for work and want all day freshness?

Travel for work and want all day freshness?

Splat Oral Foam is natural, effective, travel sized mouth rinse for people on the go, and guarantees fresh breathe throughout the day. Exciting and innovative, it's revolutionising on-the-go oral care.

1. What is the difference between oral care foam and a mouthwash? The purpose of both products is the same – these are liquid oral hygiene products to clean oral cavity. The difference lies in the application, as the foam is a more effective solution against food particles and soft dental plaque due to decreasing the surface tension. Clinical research has proven that the oral care foam can effectively remove soft dental plaque, which a regular mouthwash cannot do. On top of that, the foam formula contains more active beneficial components in high concentration compared to the mouthwashes. And the foam is more convenient to take with you!

2. Does the foam replace the toothpaste? No, the foam is only an auxiliary oral hygiene solution. It does not fully replace tooth brushing.

3. I thought it’s enough to brush my teeth twice a day. Why should I use the foam? Dentists recommend brushing the teeth after every meal. Tooth decay causing bacteria do not wait and as soon as they receive the food, start producing acids, damaging the enamel. A person does not always has a possibility to brush teeth after a meal, for example, while travelling. And this is where the foam comes very handy – it can be taken with you, even on a plane, you can use it almost anywhere and by doing so, protect yourself from tooth decay.

4. Should I use it every time after a meal/ drink? Yes, especially if the meal or drink has a high sugar content.

5. Does it work in the same way as the chewing gum? No. Chewing stimulates saliva production, which dilutes the acids produced by bacteria, and by doing so, neutralize their activity. The foam is itself a liquid and neutralizes the acids by its own contents. After using the foam, some respondents have seen increased saliva production, and therefore, the mechanics of this could have some similarities with the way chewing gum works.

6. Do I need to rinse the mouth with water after use? No, you just need to spit it out.
7. Why is the foam good for people who wear braces or other orthodontic constructions? The foam removes soft

dental plaque and helps to improve oral care hygiene even with the orthodontic constructions in place.

8. What are the main active ingredients in the foam? VP/VA copolymer, Luctatol and extracts of Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn.

9. How does the foam protect from tooth decay? The foam removes soft dental plaque, contains ingredients that target tooth decay causing bacteria and normalizes oral pH balance of the saliva.

10. How does the foam keep the gums healthy? The foam contains various plant extracts that improve the state of gums. 11. Does it contain alcohol and SLS? No.

12. Does the foam offer relief from the dry mouth symptoms? Yes. The research has proven that patients with dry mouth symptoms have seen the improvement of their quality of life after using the foam.

13. How should I use the foam? Press the pump 2 – 3 times, spray the foam into your mouth, rinse your mouth with the foam and spit it out.

14. Can I/ a child swallow the foam? We do not recommend swallowing the foam. Although we strive to make our products as safe as possible, we have not tested these products in terms of safety for swallowing.

15. How long will one bottle last? There are approximately 120 doses in one bottle, which gives you about 40 – 60 applications in total.

16. Should a child use the MAGIC foam after every meal or drink? Yes, especially if the food/ drink has a high sugar content.

17. From what age is the MAGIC foam allowed to be used? From such age when a child can spit out the foam by himself. Children up to the age of 8 should use the foam under supervision of adults, and from the age of 8 they can start using it on their own.

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