Papaya- superfood and super for your mouth!

Papaya- superfood and super for your mouth!

The papaya- delicious and nutritious! Packed full of nutrients and amazing all round health benefits, it's a fantastic a fruit. So what's so great about Papaya?

Papaya contains compounds like beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin, which all act as antioxidants. Papaya enzymes break up plaque and prevent its formation, helping you maintain white teeth. 

Papaya is also a great source of antioxidant nutrients:


Vitamin C

Vitamin B

Potassium, Fibre, Magnesium.

These nutrients promote the health of the cardiovascular system and also provide protection against colon cancer. In addition, papaya contains the digestive enzyme, Papain.

As well as oral, papaya has plentiful health benefits for the whole body, such as:






Heart health

Menstrual problems

Immune system

Skin and hair care

Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

Papaya contains unique protein-digesting enzymes including papain and chymopapain. These enzymes have been shown to help lower inflammation and to improve healing.

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