Thyme to get healthy!

Thyme to get healthy!

Thyme is one of natures wonders and amazing for your oral health, which is why this amazing ingredient forms part of so many of our products! Here are a few reasons we love Thyme...

1. Healthy Teeth!

Thyme oil is great for your teeth and gums! It can treat tooth decay, bad breath and plaque build up. Thyme is a natural antiseptic and has special antibacterial properties, so helps protect your mouth from oral infections. One amazing component of Thyme, Thymol, is used as a dental varnish, protecting teeth from decay.

2. Bacteria Destroyer

Thyme oil is an antiseptic, helping to destroy infections, as well as being antibacterial, helping to treat infections all over the body, as well as heal cuts and wounds. 

3. Skin Protector

With its antibacterial and and antiseptic qualities, Thyme oil is regularly used in skin ointments to protect the skin, and is often used as a remedy for acne, wounds, cuts, rash and burn relief.

4. Circulation Booster

Thyme oil is a stimulant, so it encourages healthy circulation which can prevent heart attacks, strokes and other health problems associated with high blood pressure. It's great for stress relief and relaxation too.


6. Insect Repellent

Thyme oil is a natural insect repellant! 


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