Why Natural Toothpaste is better for kids!

Why Natural Toothpaste is better for kids!

Make brushing fun, healthy and educational with flavoured toothpaste your children will actually enjoy!


All of our children's toothpastes are over 90% natural, meaning no nasties!

Just yummy and safe-to-swallow children’s toothpaste! For total protection against tooth decay and intense strengthening of tooth enamel and gum care, see our range of products

So why go natural? Well, why buy organic food?

It's a healthier, more natural alternative to a daily consumable, be it food, healthcare or cleaning products...

...going natural:

- reduces the chemicals you and your family are exposed too

- reduces the number of additives that are placed in products to replace natural ingredients

- Most importantly, allows you to look after your teeth in the least damaging way possible.

So, what is so special about these natural oral healthcare products for children?

1. They are delicious! 

Have you struggled to convince your children to brush their teeth? Well try with peach, strawberry - banana or chocolate flavour and see the difference! - finally, no complaints!

2. Our products contain Aloe Vera, which strengthens and soothes gums, as well as Camomile oil to protect against germs, and Carrot extract for healthy teeth as they grow.

Make brushing enjoyable, educational, and most importantly, tasty!

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