Natural Ingredients

Think about it...your mouth is the gateway to your body.
Much of the good and the bad that ends up in your body passes through your mouth.
Your oral health and wellbeing can tell a lot about your overall health, and therefore protecting and taking care of it is vital if you want to stay smiling.
Brush and rinse with the right products, and you will see the difference, because knowing what is put in your toothpastes and mouthwashes allows you to make the right choices for yourself and your family.
So if you want healthy, bright white smiles, get there… the natural way!


Pomegranate Extract- Contains moisturising, antiinflammatory, soothing, antibacterial and wound-healing effects. Pomegranate helps support healthy-looking gums and fight plaque 
Aloe Vera- Strengthens, heals and soothes gums, and has a relaxing cooling effect
Liquorice Extract- Possesses distinct antibacterial properties. It destroys bacterial membranes, resulting in fresh breath
Charcoal- Effectively removes plaque and has a strong whitening and uniquely refreshing effect
Thyme - Thyme oils help protect bleeding gums
Papaya Extract- Papaya enzymes whitens enamel to a natural shade and helps the prevention of plaque
Zinc- Zinc has great antibacterial properties
Juniper Extract- Juniper berries extract and a complex of active ingredients ensure protection against bacteria and plaque formation
Camomile Oil- Camomile oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and helps to reduce gum bleeding
Chilli- Chilli pepper extract maintains health of oral cavity tissues, improves blood circulation and penetration of nutrients into gums, which improves elasticity and density. Capsaicin, a substance of chilli pepper, contains powerful stimulating effects on the immune system, prevents development of oral cavity infectious diseases and promotes wound healing
Neem Oil- Plant based, it cleans teeth and gives this formulation its sparkle. Neem is history's original housekeeper and works to keep the mouth clean
Mint Oil- Mint oil provides a long -lasting feeling of freshness
Sage- Sage contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects perfect for your gums
Geranium Oil- Contains regenerating and antibacterial properties
Mixed Berries- Blueberry and blackberry extracts assure gum revitalisation
Walnut Oil- Protects the mouth from oxidative stress
Lemon Peel- Has an anti-inflammatory effect and zesty flavour
Tea Tree Oil- Has a powerful antibacterial ingredient, which prevents bleeding gums and decelerates dental plaque formation
Sea Minerals- Restore and strengthen enamel, preventing cavity development
Rosemary Extract- Promotes fresh breath
Green Tea- Containing an active substance TeavigoTM, it fights against bad bacteria and dental plaque, and promotes oral health
Carrot Extract- Diminishes teeth sensitivity and is a vital element for healthy teeth
Kalident- A natural source of calcium for strengthening tooth enamel and filling in scratches
Mineralin- Contains bromelain, xylitol and mineral compounds: calcium, phosphorous and magnesium for whitening, tissue strengthening, prevention of plaque and fresh breath