Oral Care for Smokers Toothpaste + Mouthwash by Pasta Del Capitano

Toothpaste created for smokers to diminish the effects of tobacco on your teeth, with accompanying mouthwash for amazing results

Pasta Del Capitano Smokers toothpaste (x1)

Pasta Del Capitano Toothpaste for smokers helps prevent and counteract the formation of tartar, one of the most significant effects of smoking on your teeth. With a fresh peppermint flavour and without parabens, this toothpaste will not only reverse smoking damage but also give you great smelling breath.

Pasta Del Capitano Mouthwash (x1)

This mouthwash is amazing, alcohol- free and with anti-bacterial agents, helps prevent the formation of dental plaque. Keeping your mouth, fresh, clean and healthy, packed full of special ingredients and Essential Oils, this mouthwash is perfect for long lasting fresh and fragranced breath.