Ecodenta Cinnamon Toothpaste + Mouthwash

Ecodenta Cinnamon Toothpaste + Mouthwash - mynaturalsmile

Cinnamon flavoured toothpaste combined with natural multi-functional mouthwash for total dental care


Ecodenta Cinnamon toothpaste (x1)

Ecodenta Cinnamon toothpaste is seriously tasty and perfect for Cinnamon addicts! Great for all round oral health, this toothpaste is unique and refreshing.

Rosemary Extract- Promotes fresh breath

Green Tea- Containing an active substance Teavigo, it fights against bad bacteria and dental plaque, and promotes oral health

Ecodenta Multi functional Mouthwash (x1)

An organic multi functional mouthwash, this total care product provides long lasting freshness whilst soothing and protecting gums. Alcohol-free, it’s gentle and a perfect complement to daily brushing.

Mint Oil- Provides a long -lasting feeling of freshness

Sage- Contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects perfect for your gums.

Aloe Vera- Strengthens, heals and soothes gums, and has a relaxing cooling effect